HR Manager - Organization-Wide Implementation System

This collection is all inclusive and contains everything an HR manager needs to implement the Performance Conversations method across an entire organization.  Eliminate your appraisal system, improve performance with the method.

     This collection includes the following:

A. HR Manager Tools - Policies, Samples, Guides over 30 unique resources.
B. Executive Decision Pack - 10 resources used to convince executives to approve the implementation of the PC Method.
C. The Essentials - Everything need to get started and implement the method - 25+ videos, tools, checklists, etc.  Designed for use with a small team.
D. Advanced - Improve your system, learn how to tailor and change your approach to be customized at your organization.  Over 40 resources. 
E. Complete System - For Advance users and large organizations.  An additional 30 resources and templates included. 
F. Trainers Module - For professional trainers to instruct managers on the new performance conversations method and how to conduct conversations with their staff.  Also materials teaches employees to participate in a conversation.  PowerPoint guides, training exercises, and implementation tools included.  
E. Employee Module - Teaches employees how to make the best use of performance conversations to improve their performance and advance their career.
G. Coaching Scenarios Module - Learn to coach rookies, veterans, superstars, under-performers, Millennials, those retired on the job, struggling newcomers and 20 other common employee types.
H. Webinar Library - Complementary access to our library of Webinars on-demand.


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