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The Performance ConversationsĀ® Method

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Performance Conversations

The pioneering Performance Conversations® method is a PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM, not an outdated, demoralizing appraisal that aims to label and rate past performance.  It is an interactive, future-oriented, collaborative discussion about the most important things involving work.  It is designed to help employees get better, do better, and feel better about their work

Employees are empowered to ask questions and create their own successes with the support, guidance, and encouragement of a trusted partner.  Managers use the Performance Conversations approach to transform themselves from dreaded judges into valued coaches.

21st-Century Management

New tools and methods are needed for the modern world.  Leave outdated, ineffective 20th-century practices with supposed constructive criticism, judgement, and ratings behind.  Performance Conversations® are future-oriented discussions designed to equip and empower employees.

Can We Talk?

Conversations, not evaluations is the way to improve relationships, rapport, and results.  Millennials, remote workers, and professional employees demand better ways of working.  Performance Conversations are positive, supportive, collaborative discussions.

Coach, Counsel, Cheer!

Smart managers know that there is a living, breathing, feeling person inside of the performer at work and supports both.  The relationship matters!  Engagement comes from positive emotions, feeling good about the work, the people one works with, and the organization itself.

An Alternative To Appraisals

Modern managers help their teams get better, perform better, and feel better about their work by providing guidance, support, and encouragement, one conversation at a time.  The Performance Conversations® method is designed to equip and empower employees to succeed.

The Performance Conversations Method

The Performance Conversations® method is a PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM.  It involves a series of brief, structured, 30-minute conversations about the most important things involving work. Employees are active participants and are prepared with questions of their own designed to diagnose problems, discovery opportunities for improvement, and decide together what actions to take. 

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