Complete System - Manager III - Division/VP/GM Level (6 managers/60 employees)

This collection contains what a VP/GM/Senior Manager must have to implement the Performance Conversations method across his/her unit that has multiple departments, teams, and functions. This can be implemented inside of a companies normal appraisal system, if needed. It contains website access for 5 additional subordinate managers and 60 employees in the division.

This collection includes the following:

A. The Essentials - Manager I - The Essentials - Everything need to get started and implement the method - 25+ videos, tools, checklists, etc. Designed for use with a small team.
B. Advanced - Manager II - Improve your system, learn how to tailor and change your approach to be customized at your organization. Over 40 resources. Designed for use with a department. Includes website access for a total of 4 managers and 25 employees.
C. - Complete System - Manager III - For Advance users and large organizations. Additional resources, website access for 7 managers and 60 employees.
D. Trainer's Module - For professional trainers to instruct managers on the new performance conversations method and how to conduct conversations with their staff. Also materials teaches employees to participate in a conversation. PowerPoint guides, training exercises, and implementation tools included.
E. Employee Module - Teaches employees how to make the best use of performance conversations to improve their performance and advance their career.
F. Coaching Scenarios Module - Learn to coach rookies, veterans, superstars, under-performers, Millennials, those retired on the job, struggling newcomers and 20 other common employee types.
H. Webinar Library - Complementary access to our library of Webinars on-demand.

 Manager II – Contents

 Trainer's Module Overview - Video

Managers II - Module Overview               - Video

HR Module Overview - Video

Coaching Continuum of Support - Book

Coaching Scenario - Disagreeing Employees - Coach Calls the Plays - Video

Creating Your Performance Conversation – Protocol - Video

E-mail Summary - Struggling Employee - With Correction - Sample

Employee Engagement & Employee Involvement - Video

Fallacies of Appraisals - Fallacies, Myths, Solutions - Document

Good Questions, Bad Questions - The Art of Asking - Video

How to be a Coach - Video

Making the Most of a Performance Conversation - Video

Making the Most of a Performance Conversation - List to Chart Document

Managing Remote Employees - Video

Managing Remote Employees - Case Study - Book

PC - 11 Ingredients - Book

PC For Millennials – Pages - Book

PC For Millennials – Video - Video

Performance Conversations Goals and Activities - Book

Performance Conversations Techniques: Similarities & Differences - Document

Performance Conversations Techniques: Similarities & Differences – Video

Performance Conversations Training for Managers - PPT

Performance Questions for Different Situations – Document

Questions for All Performance Improvement – Occasions - Document

Questions for Difficult Conversations and Employees - Document

Questions to Ask in Preparation of a Performance Conversation – Managers - Document

Questions to Ask Yourself Managers - Document

Rating System Failures - No perfect one - Video

Recognition & Reward in the PC Method - Video

Rookies, Veterans, & Superstars – Tailoring - Video

Safety Valve Questions - What to Ask When You Are Stuck - Video         

Trainer's Guide

Virtual Performance Conversations - Video

What Can I Do For You is the Most Powerful Question - Don't Ask If You Don't Mean It - Video

When to Cancel, Postpone, or Reschedule a PC - Video

Creating Your Own Instruments - Video



 What It Is!         

What is Performance Conversations - Video       

What is Performance Conversations - Document - Pages

Managers I - Module Overview  Video

Performance Conversations vs. Performance Appraisals - Chart  

Performance Conversations vs. Performance Appraisals - Video


Why it is so Good!         

PC Fundamentals - Elements & Advantages         Video

Can We Talk - Why Conversations are the Holy Grail - Video

Coach & Performer vs. Boss & Employee              - Video

Coaching vs. Supervision - Document

Positivity & Positive Psychology - Honey vs. Vinegar - Video

Efforts, Outcomes, & Behaviors - Performance Gold - Video

What Is Co-Performance? - Video

Feedback, Not Appraisal - Video

Time and Dosage - Feedback Fundamentals - Video

Feedforward - A 21st Century Management Technique - Video

Feedforward - Exercise – Basic -               Exercise

Forest vs. Trees - How PC Differs from Regular Meetings - Video


How It’s Done  

Initial Steps for Holding a Performance Conversation Your Team - Video

Preparation Checklist - Manager              Checklist

How Often Should You Hold Conversations - Video

Calendar - Scheduling – Manager - Document

E-mail to Employee's Announcing PC - Sample

How to Hold an Actual 30-Minute Performance Conversation - Video

Your First Performance Conversation - Video

Relationships, Rapport, Results - Video

E-mail Summary – Employee - Sample

E-mail Summary – Manager - Sample

What If - What to do when it is hard     

Holding Difficult Conversations: As Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Video

How to Deliver Negative Feedback - 5 W's - Video

Safety Valve Questions - What to Ask When You Are Stuck - Document   


Why it Works Without Trying Hard        

Fabulous Five - Feedback, Feedforward, Follow-up, Frequency, Familiarity - Video

Feedback and Feedforward: Comparisons, Contrasts, and Complements: Graphic - Document


What are the three Techniques - Pick One         

Performance Portfolio Technique - Video

Performance Questions Technique – Video

Performance Checklist Technique - Video


Tools & Resources         

Assessment - PC - Main – Managers – Assessment



Employee Module Contents

Employee Training Module – Overview - Video

It's YOUR Conversation - Video

Preparing for Your Performance Conversation - Video

Bringing Evidence to the Conversation - Video

Asking For Support Is Easy - Video

When Your Manager is Unprepared - Video

Holding Yourself & Your Manager Accountable - Video

Asking for a Raise, Promotion, or Training Opportunity - Video

Using PC to Advance Your Career - Video


Conversation Preparation Checklist - Document

Questions To Ask Myself - For Employees - Document

Questions to Ask Your Manager - Document


Bonus Materials

What is the Performance Conversations Method - Video

Performance Conversations vs. Performance Appraisals - Video


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